harry tweets a song with the lyrics “i’m so gay” and louis “cant wait for tonight” and suddenly theyve vanished on the same jet who here is actually surprised


[crying emoji]

AU: When famous chef Harry Styles has to pick a partner for a celebrity cook-off, footballer Louis Tomlinson is his first choice, despite the fact that Louis can’t actually cook. They lose horribly, but neither of them really mind.


okay but harry spending a semester in france and he’s not really fluent in french but there’s this really cute boy he keeps seeing everywhere with glasses and cute fluffy hair but he’s always speaking french but harry thinks he’s sososo pretty so harry pulls up a translator on his phone and butchers several french pick up lines before louis puts his hand on his and says “your accent is very cute” in perfect english

au tp

07/08 Boston


when 1d’s management team actually properly promotes the boys and stops working them until they can’t stand their job, capitalizing on this young girl/tween demographic, selling unnecessary perfumes and makeup instead of focusing on the music, they’ll have a critically acclaimed, well-respected band with grammy nominations. guaranteed.

Where We Are Tour - Intro

"I feel really happy on stage. On stage and in bed are a par."